Renaissance Revival Palace in the center of Prague is newly accommodating modern apartments. Have a peek inside


The reconstruction of Palác Dlážděná, successfully completed at the end of 2020, is a rarity project. Projects like that are difficult to find. Not only has the historical genius loci been retrieved again after the last-century insensitive conversion to offices but the architects were able to artfully combine the unique historical character of the building with requirements posed by modern living.

It was inevitable that all alterations would correspond with historical heritage protection criteria. The renovation process posed a great challenge because of several historicist layers, as well. Moreover, the building was in a technical condition worse than expected.

“In the past, the building’s interiors and exteriors had undergone unfavorable alterations and, particularly one renovation late in 20th century had disposed of much of the building’s historical style and quality. Therefore, it was an important effort for the overall reconstruction to revive the building original, representative and magnificent appearance, as well as pureness and material appropriateness,” explains Jakub Žoha, PSN architect.

The reconstruction included archaeological survey going back as far as the middle 14th century. Two newly found historical wells rendered treasures such as fragments or even entire pots and dishes. They referred back to wooden construction estate of the Dlážděná street. The survey also recovered the foundations of even older buildings of commons, dating back to the turn of 18th century.

Would you like to see the progress of the entire reconstruction? You can see it in the video.


How goes the living in the Renaissance Revival Palace?


Its sensitive reconstruction, provided for by the Jakub Cigler Architekti firm, returned the original dwelling function to the historical building. Emphases were given to high-quality workmanship details, contemporary technologies and environmental sustainability. Restorers renewed the double window lining, complemented with cassette doors and parquet floors. The dwelling impression is further underlined with Renaissance Revival style decorations and fretwork dressing. The space offers both the skilled workmanship of old masters and the precision of brands such as Laufen and Laufen by Kartel, Hansgrohe, P.M.H. And Villeroy & Boch. The apartment’s French windows and spacious balconies presiding the courtyard offer the inhabitants comfort. The courtyard facade, more daring concept by the architects, has modern spirit. The building’s stylish elevator brings visitors to an observation gallery or a private wellness resort with a sauna and muscle conditioning machines. There is also a resting garden, built on the roof of the building’s courtyard underground car park, available to the inhabitants. The building facilities are 21st century top-of-the-art and include, by way of example, heat-recycling-based fresh air ventilation for all apartment units.

“The building houses a wide range of various size apartments. The first four floors contain somewhat smaller apartments, which have practical layout and historicist elements. On higher floors, there are bigger apartments and penthouses. The building is truly outstanding also for its rules only allowing long-term residence (with the exception of 2nd floor). This is to prevent short-term lease of apartments to assure that the truly exceptional building in the center of Prague will serve primarily for its residents and their quiet, pleasant living”, notes Marek Padevět, PSN Residential Projects Manager

What does living in a palace look like? Look at the video.


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We keep architectural jewels and history in high regard. We lean of a team of experts and experience gaining for as long as since 1991. And we are not short of funds, which allows as to make the buildings thrive. Palác Dlážděná is a proof. As the new owner, we will responsibly care for each estate - yours too.


Do you own immovable assets and do you want to sell them? We will prepare the offer for you.

Do you own immovable assets and do you want to sell them? We will prepare the offer for you.

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