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PSN s.r.o. purchased immovable assets from our company in 2019. The case was complicated on our part due to legal matters and participation of third-party legal entities and public bodies. The conduct of PSN was regarded as highly professional, correct, and very positive. Everything went smoothly, to a great extent thanks to the Head of the Acquisition Team, Mr Citta, who is an honest, responsible, and decent man, whom you can trust and count on. Our experience concerning PSN is very good. We can recommend this company without a shadow of doubt.


We would like to share our experience with the collaboration with Mr Martin Šrot while selling our house situated in Prague 4, Budějovická street.

Mr Šrot acted as a contact person of your company in this deal and we have to tell that we have never met a young man being so helpful and friendly like him before. He is very positive and everything we agreed upon was fulfilled perfectly. It is a pleasure to employ the people who represent your company in such a great way as he does. 

We wish you continued success in your business and good luck to Mr Šrot in his professional and personal life.


Jitka a Luděk Holanovi

Business meetings with PSN s.r.o. conducted at the turn of 2019 and 2020 resulted in a successful sale of the real estate in Prague.

The transaction was carried on a professional level – from the first contact, via examining the technical and legal matters of the real estate and drafting the contractual documents up to the final handover.

We would like to thank especially Mr Pavel Citta and Mr Sebastian Heřman for their exemplary and smooth collaboration.

Based on our experience, we can highly recommend PSN as a long-term business partner.

Synot Real Estate, k.s.


My Mum and I would like to thank you once again for your quick action and professional approach. Moneyhas already been credited to my account.

Good luck. Kindest regards,

Michaela Szkála

Michaela Szkála

Comprehensive services related to buyout of immovable assets from a complicated co-ownership relationship of more owners, including state ownership shares, with individual requirements reflected in the provisions of agreements. All of this at a high professional level. We owe thanks to PSN, Mgr. Miroslav Kurťák and his colleagues for their perfect work.

I can highly recommend collaboration with PSN in the real estate segment.

Ing. Jettmar

Our company has carried out several significant deals with PSN and the collaboration has always been very pleasant.

The high standards of the acquisition team managed by Pavel Citta has always been the guarantee that even the complicated matters will be resolved smoothly, quickly and in a well-organized way.

Based on our experience, we can recommend PSN as a reliable and competent partner.

Master Consult s.r.o.

In 2017, as a real estate agent, I had to deal with Miroslav Kurťák to resolve a very complicated business matter that lasted most of the year. The purchase of real estate was complicated by the fact that the co-owners of the real estate provided almost no cooperation and, moreover, neglected their legal relationship to real estate in such a way that it was not legally possible to sell it. Many investors do not want or can not solve similar situations, but PSN was not afraid to help co-owners of the property to put everything in order and then buy this property. Mr Kurťák deserves great credit for the fact that this deal was successfully solved. His experience, professionalism, commitment and patience were invaluable. I can recommend PSN as a fair and professional company.

ANSETI Invest s.r.o.

In 2016, I sold my co-owner interests in the real properties located in Prague 3 - Žižkov and Prague 2 - Vinohrady to PSN (Pražská správa nemovitostí). Since the sale and transfer of my interests were far from a single routine operation, I followed with concern the steps of PSN, which basically charged itself with the task of listing all documents and obtaining the signatures of the sellers. Everything went really well and the Cadastral Office for the City of Prague made a record in the Land Register extremely quickly and without reservation. I was paid the money for the interests being sold without any difficulties and very quickly, too. I was very satisfied about how PSN works. Considering tardiness of many public bodies and incompetence of some people who were unwilling to carry out their duties or carried out them slowly and often in a wrong way, I realized that such an attitude is not anything that goes without saying. As a result, I´ve decided to hereby thank not only the whole company but especially those employees I personally met during the process of the sale.

paní Buřičová
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