A symbol of modern architecture
Tančící dům (Dancing House or Fred and Ginger), one of the most controversial buildings in Prague, is situated in the place of an apartment house destroyed during WWII on the corner of Rašínovo nábřeží (Rašín Embankment) and Jiráskovo náměstí (Jirásek Square). Václav Havel was behind the beginning of the concept, who coincidentally lived in the neighbouring house with Slovenian architect Vlado Milunić. Havel foresaw a significant community centre there. In 1996, the Dancing House, originally the National Nederlanden Building, was opened as an office complex with interiors designed by Eva Jiřičná, a reputable architect.

In 2013, Dancing House was bought by PSN with a view to opening it to the public as originally intended by Václav Havel. Today, the house is a meeting point for various cultural and social worlds. You can find both offices and an art gallery here. The asymmetrical rooms and inclined walls of the building are ideal for presenting works of art.

A French restaurant is seated on the highest floor of the nine-storey building. The Glass Bar boasting of a terrace with a panorama view of a whole of Prague is also included. In both towers, luxury suites of a four-star hotel are located.


Ginger and Fred
Architect Vlado Milunić with American architect Frank O. Gehry found inspiration in the famous dancing couple Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair. The two towers remind you of the silhouettes of the dancers. This is where the official name of the building – Ginger and Fred – comes from. The top of the stone tower is decorated by a metal dome – the head of Medusa. The house built in the Deconstructivism style was awarded the prestigious American Times Award for Design of the Year. It has become a symbol of the Prague’s modern architecture.

Do you own immovable assets and do you want to sell them? We will prepare the offer for you.

Do you own immovable assets and do you want to sell them? We will prepare the offer for you.

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