An area offering unlimited opportunities
The factory that originally produced components for the aviation industry is associated with the names of pilots of the Czechoslovak Army, namely František Klepš and Zdeněk Vinopal. The concept foresaw a vertical factory and that is why the ceilings are up to 4.3 metres high with exceptional load carrying capacity of the structure. In 1984, the building also served as a civil-defence shelter for up to 300 persons.
The Microna building, the unmistakable dominating feature of the Prague district Modřany, was rebuilt into an office complex after the Velvet Revolution. It is undergoing a conversion right now. It is said to be the largest conversion of office space into residential premises in the Czech Republic. It is incorporated within the Vanguard Prague project by our company that has been the owner of the building since 2004.
The former Microna building has been associated with culture and arts for several years. Among other things, it has been utilized as generous space for exhibitions or artistic studios. Not even the current reconstruction can do without arts. This fact is evidenced by the partnership between PSN and the personalities of the Czech street art scene and the creation of unique works of art covering some well-known buildings in the centre of Prague.

Design of future
The ambitious futuristic vision of unique loft conversions has been materialised with the sense of preserving industrial genius loci by Petr Drexler. The Vanguard Prague project is unparalleled in the Czech Republic. Unique is also the lift for vehicles in the middle of the building that cannot be found anywhere else in entire Central Europe.

The characteristic design of the loft interiors has been created based on renowned architectural designs of Ivanka Kowalski, I. D. Arch, OOOOX. The interiors also have a practical dimension, with accentuated details and the courage to experiment. Courage is typical of the OOOOX studio that reflected its characteristic style, as sharp as concrete edges, in the designs of the lobby or wellness zone. The wellness zone with the fitness centre and the glass swimming pool will replace the former civil defence shelter.

Do you own immovable assets and do you want to sell them? We will prepare the offer for you.

Do you own immovable assets and do you want to sell them? We will prepare the offer for you.

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