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Pendulum above Prague


Letenské sady with a breathtaking view of the whole Prague and its magnificent bridges was adorned at the General Czechoslovak Exhibition in 1991 by an installation called Time Machine. The kinetic sculptural object of Vratislav Karel Novák is generally known as the Prague Metronome. It should be a reminder of the warning past and at the same time a symbol of the new era and new era.


The pendulum at Letná stands on the site of the infamous monument of J. V. Stalin with extensive underground spaces. The monument remained here for 7 years, in 1962 he was blasted three times. Disturbed statics of the pedestal later complicated the installation of the pendulum.




Unstoppable time


The metronome at Letná, which belongs to the PSN portfolio, is a symbol of unstoppable passage of time. However, unstoppable time takes its toll on an almost 25-meter-high and 7-ton weighing machine. This is also because it was originally intended to be a temporary building. To this day, however, he is swinging from side to side over Čechův Bridge and the embankment of Edvard Beneš, much like Mälzel's famous metronome with a reverse pendulum.


The pendulum at Letná cannot be maintained without regular maintenance. That is why at the beginning of February 2020 the needle disappeared from the pendulum so that we could reconstruct it. The lower square part of the dismantled needle was preserved, the upper part of the tubes was replaced by a new one. Repair of other parts of the moving equipment. Currently, Metronome repairs are still ongoing and during spring, the pendulum should be fully functional again.

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Do you own immovable assets and do you want to sell them? We will prepare the offer for you.

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