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Synonym for luxury
The first ever department store in the post-War Czechoslovakia is situated in the very heart of the Czech capital at a lucrative address in the upper part of Wenceslas Square, Dům módy (House of Fashion). The house welcomed its first customers on 8 July 1956. Thanks to a wide range of fashion goods supplied by leading companies, it immediately became a synonym of luxury fashion. It replaced the renowned fashion houses of the First Republic.

Under the auspices of PSN, Dům módy has been thoroughly reconstructed recently to restore its former fame when its fashion line set the fashion trends. The corner house with a ground plan reminding of the iron, so much eloquent in the context of the fashion industry, offers goods of world-famous clothing and shoe-making brands up to the present. As in the times of the First Republic, you can find a café here...

Dům módy is characterized by a generous open-plan sales area with travertine panels and huge windows. They ensure magnificent views and an abundance of light.


The timeless architecture of the Modernist style
The architectural design of the Fashion House was extraordinary even at the time of its inception. Architect Josef Hrubý utilized more freedom available at that time to divert from the dictate of socialist realism and followed the heritage of the inter-war architectural avant-garde. He created a building in the New Classicist style with functionalist elements. The harmoniously well-balanced complex was prominent even at the time of its origin because of its advanced technological systems. The face of the house is aptly decorated with a sculpture with textile motifs by Vladimír Janoušek.

Do you own immovable assets and do you want to sell them? We will prepare the offer for you.

Do you own immovable assets and do you want to sell them? We will prepare the offer for you.

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